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(If you own a Mobile Home you must have a title.)


The Treasurer’s Office is located on the 2nd floor of the

Noble County Courthouse in Albion, Indiana.

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Please call our office at 260-636-2644 with any questions you may have.

Our mailing address is:

Noble County Treasurer’s Office

101 North Orange Street

Room 230

Albion, IN  46701




Tax Collection Dates and Tax Information

Your 2018 payable 2019 real estate, mobile home and personal property taxes will be due on the following dates:


Spring installment - Firday, May 10, 2019

Fall installment - Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Mobile Homes are assessed and payable the same year.  

Real estate and personal property are assessed the prior year.  


The owner of record of real estate and personal property for tax purposes, will be determined by who owned the property as of January 1st of the previous year. 

Ownership of mobile homes is determined by who owned the mobile home on January 1st of the current year. 

If you own a mobile home, you MUST have the title issued by the BMV in your name.      



Payment Options


Avoid waiting in line to pay your taxes.  Your tax payments options are: 

 -          Pay In Person – Bring in your tax statements to the Treasurer’s Office in the Courthouse and pay by cash, check, money order, certified check.  

 -          By Mail - Send “A” and/or “B” coupons with your payment. Payments must be postmarked by the due date to be considered on-time.  Send a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want a receipt mailed to you. 

 -          Pay On-Line - Go to www.govtechtaxpro.com  Pay one or multiple parcels on-line by credit or debit card with a service fee ($1.50 + 2.65%).  Payment must be completed by the due date.  

 -          Pay by E-Check (ACH) – Go to www.govtechtaxpro.com  The service fee is just $2.00.  That means you can pay multiple parcels at a time for just $2.00.  Payment must be completed by the due date.  

 -          Pay By Phone – Call 1-844-556-7318.  Use your 13 or 18 digit parcel number which begins with 57 to pay by phone.  Service fees will apply.  Payment must be completed by the due date. 

 -          On-Line Bill Pay – Paying through your banking institution may also be an option for you.  Use your tax id# as your account number. Your normal bank fees may apply.

 -          HOMEOWNER’S ESCROW This is a “BRAND NEW OPTION” this year.  This is not the same as an escrow with your mortgage company but works similarly in that you can make scheduled payments throughout the year that fit your budget.  You set the payments and control the changes you want to make.  You can schedule regular payments - weekly, monthly or payment by the tax due dates.  Follow the scheduled payment link at www.govtechtaxpro.com or www.scheduled.govetechtaxpro.com.  Service fees will apply.  


Partial payments are always accepted anytime throughout the year, just remember all appropriate penalties will apply if taxes are not paid-in-full by the due date. 

Delinquent real estate taxes and penalties from the spring installment of the prior year may make your property eligible for tax sale in the current year. 

Unpaid personal property or mobile home taxes and penalties from the prior year, may cause a judgment to be certified to the court and may then be turned over for collections. 


Late fees and penalties will be added to your tax bill if payments are not paid by the required due date.  Avoid these added costs by paying early.


BE AWARE if you recently bought property or split a property after the assessment date of the previous year, you may need to have the former owner’s name to pay the taxes due and you should confirm with the title company who is responsible for paying the taxes.  With split properties, you will need to contact the Auditor’s office and the Assessor’s Office to have a split sheet done before you pay the taxes.



 Assessment and Exemption Questions 

Questions concerning assessments and exemptions should be directed to the appropriate office as noted below:

Assessed Property Value - Contact the Noble County Assessor’s Office 260-636-2297

Exemptions for Homestead, Mortgage, Veteran’s, Veteran’s/Age, Age (65 year), GeoThermal, Disability – Contact the Noble County Auditor’s Office 260-636-2658

Drainage Assessments -  Contact the Noble County Surveyor's Office 260-636-2131



Tax Sale

Delinquent taxes could result in your property being sold on Tax Sale.  Pay your taxes on time and avoid the fees and penalties associated with allowing your property to go to tax sale.

The tax sale date for 2019 has been scheduled for October 18.   The sale will be held in the Dekko Meeting Room at the Noble County Office Complex - South, 2090 North State Road 9, Albion, IN  46701.   Please arrive by 9:30 a.m. to register to participate in the sale. 

For information on tax sale properties, go to http://www.sri-taxsale.com 




Noble County GIS

Please visit this web-site for helpful information on your properties.


or by accessing the link at www.nobleco.squarespace.com




Mobile Home

Moving Permits and Title Transfers


If you are moving a mobile home, you are required to have a moving permit.  Per State Statute, the title must be in the current owner's name before a moving permit will be issued. 

Beginning in 2013, State Statute requires that mobile home titles be in the current mobile home owner's name.  You will need to bring the mobile home title with you to the Treasurer’s Office to transfer the title.

If the mobile home title has been lost, you will need to apply through the courts to get a new title issued. 

All taxes (delinquent and current) associated with the mobile home must be paid in order for a title transfer or moving permit to be completed. 

If you are buying a mobile home, you will come to our office with the title to complete the paperwork to transfer the title to the new owner(s). 

If the mobile home is being purchased on contract, State Statute requires the contract to be recorded and to specify who is responsible for the taxes until the contract is paid and released. 

AGAIN - prior to a moving permit or transfer of title being issued,

all taxes must be paid-in-full on the mobile home (current and delinquent).