Frequently Asked Questions - Septics

Q:  How much is an onsite sewage disposal system permit?
A:  See fee schedule.

Q:  What do I need to apply for a septic permit?
A:  See the Septic System Permit Procedure Guide.

Q:  What is an onsite evaluation?
A:  An onsite evaluation /soil boring is an actual physical visit to the lot or the location where an onsite sewage disposal system is proposed. A Soil Scientist will provide a direct detailed soil analysis to be reviewed by the septic EHS for the purpose of providing minimum requirements for the proposed system.

Q:  Where can I obtain a list of the Soil Scientists?
A:  See Soil Scientists list.

Q:  If there is no record of my septic diagram, how would I find the location of my septic system?
A:  Contact the Septic-EHS at the Health Department.

Q:  Are well permits required?
A:  Currently Noble County does not have a Well Ordinance, however, the well is required to be 50 feet from any portion of the septic system as stated on the permit.